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We understand that planning your dream wedding can be exciting, but  can also come with its fair share of stresses. To alleviate some of the uncertainty that surrounds choosing  your wedding entertainment, we have outlined the process of how we select the music for your wedding when you book one of our DJ’s.

Step 1: Getting to Know You 

Once your have booked with us, our experienced DJ will work closely with you to craft a music playlist that resonates with your preferences and wedding vision. We kick-start this process by asking you to complete our custom questionnaire. This invaluable tool helps us understand your musical tastes, the atmosphere you want to create during the reception  and the energy you desire on the dance floor.

Step 2: Curating the Perfect Playlist 

Once we have your questionnaire in hand, our DJ will curate a selection of songs that match your style and preferences. We’ll carefully blend together tracks that you and your guests will love, ensuring your wedding day is seamless and memorable.

Step 3: Your Approval Matters 

We value your input every step of the way. Before the big day, we’ll present you with the curated playlist for your reception and evening dance floor time. This is your chance to review, suggest changes, and make any adjustments you deem necessary. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we won’t rest until every song feels just right.

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